Why Should You Hire Harpeth Estate Law?

Harpeth Estate Law isn't your average law firm.  We don't just provide enforceable legal documentation.  And we don't have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our clients.  We act as a trusted advisor to help you plan for the future.

How We Are Different
  • Our legal fees are fixed fees. At our initial meeting, you choose the level of planning and the fee that works best for your family.
  • We don't offer a one-and-done plan.  After we prepare your plan, we will review it with you every 3 years because your assets will change, your family will change, and the law will change.  We will update your plan to ensure that your estate plan will work for your family.
  • Our comprehensive review of your estate ensures that your assets are titled in the right way to work with your estate plan, now and over your lifetime.
  • Planning for your legacy should cover more than the transfer of your financial wealth. With all of our plans, we include a process to help you transfer your most important personal attributes to your loved ones.  We want you to be able to leave a part of who you are, and what's important to you, to your heirs.

Contact Harpeth Estate Law For A Consultation

There's no need to handle these difficult matters of law all alone. Get the legal advice, counsel, and representation you need. Contact Harpeth Estate Law in Tennessee for a consultation. We can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.